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Fri 21 June 2024

Unproductive Communication - The Silent Productivity Killer That Drives Me Crazy

Stop the context-less "hi, hello, ping, pong, ..."

Mon 17 June 2024

Automate Azure DevOps work item state transitions like a Pro

Maintain your backlog by changing the status of work items according to the status of their subitems.

Mon 03 June 2024

Decoding the Acronyms: MMP vs. MVP vs. POC

MMP, MVP, and POC: Understanding Their Differences and Choosing the Right Approach

Wed 06 March 2024

Back to Basics: Dealing with Technical Debt

Breaking Free: A Guide to Tackling Technical Debt Head-On

Fri 16 February 2024

Back to Basics: Why are we moving to v2 CI/CD Blueprints for Azure Pipelines?

Understanding why we are disabling classic Azure Pipelines and embracing YAML-based Azure Pipelines.

Fri 09 February 2024

Back to Basics: Kanban

"Kanban" is Japanese for "visual card" or "signal."

Mon 05 February 2024

Back to Basics: WIP Limit

Dealing with a Kanban Board meltdown, by controlling the work in progress.

Wed 31 January 2024

Back to Basics: Batch Size

Balancing noise and agility with smaller batch sizes.

Wed 22 November 2023

Is Agile Dead?

Innovation podcast with Marius De Beer

Fri 14 April 2023

Shift from project to product thinking

The problem is not with projects but with project-focused thinking

Fri 22 April 2022

Why are we a (the) place to work for?

Safe and healthy workplaces. Compassionate and responsive service.

Tue 11 January 2022

The problem with big batches

Improve the predictability of delivering business value by reducing the utilization rates

Wed 05 January 2022

Make yourself interruptible

Adopt humble approach when creating software products by making yourself open to interruptions

Thu 16 September 2021

Track work with POPCORN Flow

Work challenges are opportunities to explore, experiment, and track the feedback gathered from the innovation

Fri 10 September 2021

How is ordering a pizza similar to hexagonal architecture?

How to build a system that interacts with the outside world without knowing the gory details of the outside world

Wed 25 August 2021

Systems thinking

Switch focus from monitoring and measuring activities and outputs to measuring outcomes

Thu 05 August 2021

Cultivate rapid spreading of knowledge

Knowledge must be shared rapidly to enable teams to continuously deliver desired values

Thu 22 July 2021

Refactoring saves time and increases quality

Design is not a static construct, it evolves by refactoring as we keep changing the code

Wed 26 May 2021

TDD for Non-Techies

TDD explained to non programmers by using the example of writing a short story

Wed 12 May 2021

Extreme Programming (XP) provides options

What does 'extreme' in Extreme Programming stand for? It stands for extreme interruptability and extreme steerability

Fri 07 May 2021

Start together work together finish together

Speed up the delivery process by avoiding queuing and needless looping

Wed 05 May 2021

Enable Agile, Kanban, Scrum, or SAFe with Azure DevOps

Use Azure Boards to visualise a variety of processes using the Agile process in a single Azure DevOps project.

Thu 29 April 2021

Introducing the Automation Working Group

Any system operation we can perform manually can be fully automated by writing scripts

Thu 22 April 2021

Only changeable design is good design

Why is changeable design desirable and what's preventing us from achieving it

Wed 31 March 2021

Extreme Programming 25 Years Later

Extreme programming keeps going strong 25 years after its launch

Fri 26 March 2021


Programming computers by feeding them plain text is very slow and needs to be sped up.

Fri 19 March 2021

Incremental and Iterative Development – what’s the diff?

Visual example illustrating the fundamental differences between incremental and iterative development process.

Fri 05 March 2021


Configuring complex workflows that govern Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery must only be allowed by making changes to the YAML source files; GUI tools must be prohibited

Fri 19 February 2021

WorkSafeBC DevOps Celebrate 100th Sprint

WorkSafeBC DevOps 100th sprint celebration coincided with the 20th anniversary of the Agile Manifesto

Thu 22 October 2020

The clash of Azure DevOps Kanban fields and Shared Area Paths

Shared area paths can introduce inconsistency and confusion.

Wed 21 October 2020

Searching for common nodes across area paths

How can we find area path with specific text in their name?

Tue 20 October 2020

Use the move to team project feature with caution!

The "Move to Team Project" feature can reset your work item state and dates