Articles tagged with quality

Mon 02 October 2023

Embedding a Quality-Driven Engineering Mindset in Our DNA

An engineering mindset that prioritizes quality is crucial for producing robust and reliable solutions.

Fri 28 April 2023

Why bother with governance?

Why bother with governance when no-one can find it?

Tue 11 January 2022

The problem with big batches

Improve the predictability of delivering business value by reducing the utilization rates

Wed 05 January 2022

Make yourself interruptible

Adopt humble approach when creating software products by making yourself open to interruptions

Thu 30 December 2021

DevOps value proposition

DevOps introduces simultaneous focus on expectations, architecture, design, testing, building, releasing, and running the system

Thu 23 December 2021

How to minimize queueing

Adopt the humble approach to only work in smallest possible batches with limited work-in-progress

Thu 23 December 2021

Exploring the concept of mob-ownership

We succeed or fail as a team (mob), not as individuals!

Wed 15 December 2021

Systems thinking and the flow of work

Speeding up software development may not speed up the delivery

Thu 02 December 2021

Don’t debug; do TDD instead

Avoid wasteful debugging activities by creating automated tests using TDD technique

Tue 23 November 2021

Plate-emptying is not the same as Done

Maximizing the utilization of the time spent on creating software is a surefire way to drive the team into a brickwall

Wed 17 November 2021

How do we know what our customers value?

We cannot know what customers actually value unless we expose them to our products and services. Here is how to do it in the most elegant way.

Thu 11 November 2021

Guidelines to start and terminate the Dojo Events

Instructions on how to start, run and terminate Dojos

Thu 16 September 2021

Track work with POPCORN Flow

Work challenges are opportunities to explore, experiment, and track the feedback gathered from the innovation

Fri 10 September 2021

How is ordering a pizza similar to hexagonal architecture?

How to build a system that interacts with the outside world without knowing the gory details of the outside world

Wed 25 August 2021

Systems thinking

Switch focus from monitoring and measuring activities and outputs to measuring outcomes

Sat 31 July 2021

Sensei Alex "fakes it until he makes it" in our Test-driven Development (TDD) dojo

Exploring the advantages of Test-driven Development and the concept of self-healing code

Thu 22 July 2021

Refactoring saves time and increases quality

Design is not a static construct, it evolves by refactoring as we keep changing the code

Fri 16 October 2020

Why extract methods when modifying legacy code?

Legacy code is hard to test, so extract methods by writing micro tests