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Sun 17 September 2023

Software Engineering Standardization

Software Engineering Standardization

Wed 14 June 2023

Engineering Practice & Processes

Software Engineering Practices & Process

Wed 15 March 2023

Engineering Practice Layering

Application Layering - Separation of Concerns Architecture Principle

Fri 17 February 2023

Engineering Practice Naming Conventions

Naming Convention Nuggets of Knowledge and Best Practices

Wed 18 January 2023

Engineering Practice Nuggets

Nuggets of Knowledge and Best Practices in Software Engineering

Mon 28 March 2022

WHY are we pushing consistency and standardization?

Balancing autonomy with consistency and standardization.

Tue 15 February 2022

Having a sound Technology Adoption Process is pivotal to innovation

Selecting a new process or product without surprising or blindsiding anyone.

Mon 24 January 2022

Selling technical excellence is the most challenging job

Technical excellence is best practiced by collaborating in real time

Wed 05 January 2022

Make yourself interruptible

Adopt humble approach when creating software products by making yourself open to interruptions

Thu 30 December 2021

DevOps value proposition

DevOps introduces simultaneous focus on expectations, architecture, design, testing, building, releasing, and running the system

Thu 23 December 2021

How to minimize queueing

Adopt the humble approach to only work in smallest possible batches with limited work-in-progress

Wed 15 December 2021

Systems thinking and the flow of work

Speeding up software development may not speed up the delivery

Thu 02 December 2021

Don’t debug; do TDD instead

Avoid wasteful debugging activities by creating automated tests using TDD technique

Fri 12 November 2021

Guidelines to start and terminate the Townhall Events

A super-event to foster systems thinking and the removal of barriers and silos

Tue 09 November 2021

How to create deterministic tests

Quality of automated tests is the most important aspect of continuous delivery

Thu 04 November 2021

Do not automate anything unless you automate the tests

Automating critical systems operations without having automated tests is risky practice

Fri 15 October 2021

Cultivate apathy for details to enable refactoring

Give equal care to the code structure as you would give to the code behaviour