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Mon 17 June 2024

Automate Azure DevOps work item state transitions like a Pro

Maintain your backlog by changing the status of work items according to the status of their subitems.

Mon 03 June 2024

Decoding the Acronyms: MMP vs. MVP vs. POC

MMP, MVP, and POC: Understanding Their Differences and Choosing the Right Approach

Fri 16 February 2024

Back to Basics: Why are we moving to v2 CI/CD Blueprints for Azure Pipelines?

Understanding why we are disabling classic Azure Pipelines and embracing YAML-based Azure Pipelines.

Fri 09 February 2024

Back to Basics: Kanban

"Kanban" is Japanese for "visual card" or "signal."

Mon 05 February 2024

Back to Basics: WIP Limit

Dealing with a Kanban Board meltdown, by controlling the work in progress.

Wed 31 January 2024

Back to Basics: Batch Size

Balancing noise and agility with smaller batch sizes.