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Tue 24 May 2022

Can government agencies be innovative?

How WorkSafeBC changed my perception.

Fri 22 April 2022

Why are we a (the) place to work for?

Safe and healthy workplaces. Compassionate and responsive service.

Wed 06 April 2022

Common Engineering - To Standardize or Not to Standardize, view from a directors point

Which is better, standardization or experimentation?

Fri 28 January 2022

Journal 3 - Explore the trajectory of our Common Engineering (Ce) ecosystem

Looking at our common engineering team through the management (leader) lens

Mon 20 December 2021

Journal 2 - Why do we need our common engineering team?

Introducing the voice of reason and stewards of guardrails

Mon 06 December 2021

Journal 1 - What is origin of our common engineering team?

Learning about the genesis of our EDO Common Engineering (EDO Ce) team