Quick Reference Sheet for Pipeline Terminology

Posted by Willy-Peter Schaub on Sun 13 June 2021

Summarising the core terminology and lifetime of our pipelines.

Is my pipeline supported and aligned with our naming guidelines? This poster aims to answer these questions for you briefly.

Application Pipeline Terminology


The four lifetime quadrants:

Circle of life

  1. Deprecated - Deprecated and retired technologies that are no longer supported in our production environment.
  2. Sunset - Technologies that are being sunset and on the verge of moving into the unsupported deprecated quadrant.
  3. Production - Production contains a platter of technologies that are supported in production. Make sure you consider the options recommended by the common engineering system first.
  4. Emerging - The working groups are always looking forward to complementing the common engineering system with emerging technologies. Emerging technologies have limited early preview support. It is imperative that you validate the limitations, prerequisites, and guidelines by DevSecOps and Common Engineering System before using any emerging technology in a production environment.

While we should all hover in the production quadrant, it is important to consider the emerging technologies, experiment, familiarise yourself, and give candid feedback to the working groups.



Enjoy and remember that we crave candid feedback to sprinkle value over these artifacts!

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