Water Cooler Talk - Why is WSBC such a cool place?

Posted by Willy-Peter Schaub on Wed 19 July 2023

At a recent water cooler we chatted about why WorkSafeBC is such a cool place to work for.

Water cooler talk occurs when we take a break from work, socialize with each other, and collaborate about things like hobbies, favourite beer brews, and other fun topics not associated with work.

Why is WSBC Cool?

For me it is the culture, the flexibility (working from home), the opportunity to dabble with old, current, and future technologies, the leadership focused on empowering and trusting staff, and the amazing benefits.

TAKE NOTE - My manager just published the following informative article, which touches on a number of important pillars to create an empowered culture: Leading the Change: How Exemplary Behaviours, Team Support, and a Safe Environment Foster Innovation, which gives a glimpse into how he and other leaders think.

On the other hand, my team is self-managed and self-organized. If I had to summarize our vision in two words I would pick empower and collaborate - and yes, empower overlaps with the leadership. We even get the opportunity to write a cookbook to explain our history with Azure Pipelines, our future, and share all our gotchas and learnings - tentative title is "Continuous Integration and Delivery Pipelines Cookbook".

Leadership and team focus

With that we made our way back to work. For more, read my can government agencies be innovative post and peruse my story:

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