Make your pipeline badges more compact and meaningful

Posted by Willy-Peter Schaub on Mon 17 January 2022

Tired of cluttering your dashboards with duplicated waste?

We have dashboards with multiple pipeline badges to keep an eye on our Azure DevOps pipelines. I often wondered why we cannot change the "Azure Pipelines" label to reduce the duplication (WASTE) and make our dashboards more compact.

Jurassic Park

Well, if you change ...

[![Build status](](

... to ...

[![Build status](](

... by adding &label=<TEXT>, you can enjoy a more compact version of your dashboard.


I stumbled over this tweak in a recent Azure DevOps community chat and realized that I must read the Azure DevOps REST API documentation a bit more carefully. See URI Parameters in Status Get and notice "Replaces the default text on the left side of the badge."