DevOps Vancouver Meetup - Engineering Empowerment Session Preparations

Posted by Willy-Peter Schaub on Wed 20 December 2023

Help us prepare our meetup session to ensure we cover what is interesting for YOU!

Join us at the DevOps Vancouver Meetup - January 23, 2024 on a deep dive into our journey to understand our current position and what is brewing for 2024 - a landscape defined by excellence and innovation, inspired by Elon Musk's philosophy:

“Every person in your company is a vector. Your progress is determined by the sum of all vectors.” - Elon Musk


OK, here is our session title and outline. What do you think?

Engineering Empowerment: Unleashing the Future with AI, Innovative Technologies, and Automation for a Future of Self-Service Innovation

Embark on a swift exploration of our dynamic software engineering ecosystem, delving into recent triumphs and future endeavors that aim to empower each WorkSafeBC engineer in delivering perpetual value to our satisfied end-users. In an era where the information landscape evolves rapidly, we prioritize fostering a culture of continuous experimentation and learning. Join us as we discuss the strategic handling of numerous classic build and release pipelines, the seamless integration of self-service automation, the transformative role of OpenAI, and a diverse array of Copilots contributing to our innovative journey. Discover how we navigate this ever-changing landscape to stay ahead and lead the way in engineering excellence.

In-depth Insights

Core Pillars

  • Prioritize automation over manual processes.
  • Embrace quality over complex solutions.
  • Empower Dev and Ops through innovation.

Recent Milestones

  • Successful implementation of GitOps and c-a-c Automation.
  • Evaluation of GitHub Copilot for Business.

2024's Ambitious Plans

  • Proactive incident analysis via advanced monitoring and analytics.
  • Open-sourcing and implementing CI/CD/IaC blueprints.
  • Continuous automated Testing for efficiency and quality elevation.

Security Nexus using v2 Blueprints

  • Enhancing DevOps Metrics: deployment frequency, lead time for changes.
  • Upholding security without compromising speed.

Knowledge Enhancement

  • Leveraging OpenAI and Stackoverflow for productivity.
  • AI-driven knowledge for improved efficiency and faster engineer onboarding.
  • SDLC Toolbox Catalog Visualization
  • Visual representation of the software development lifecycle toolbox.
  • Creation of an engaging and informative catalog.


We are covering a lot in 20 minutes! Prioritizing the most impactful points and ensuring a cohesive narrative might be the key to delivering a compelling session. Excited for your feedback!