Azure Boards Tips - Retain hierarchy with filter

Posted by Willy-Peter Schaub on Mon 05 June 2023

Why does the hierarchy view [not] vanish when selecting a filter?

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Odd behaviour when using the backlog filter

We often find ourselves switching the Azure Board to the backlog view and enable parents, giving us a hierarchical view as shown below.


Then we use the filter to show a subset of the work items, in this case those with a state of Active.

Filter removes hierarchy

An annoying side effect of using filters, is that the hierarchical view disappears.

Flip a toggle to get the view you want

A feature I discovered is the "keep hierarchy with filters" toggle under View Options.

Hierarchy Flag

If you toggle that to On you get the view I believe should be the default. Best of both worlds ... filter set, and parent and child hierarchy enabled.

Filter not removed

Any other tips to share?